The profession

V.C.I. is born from the experience of a group of banking administrators who felt the need to act without any operational limitation deriving from the dependency to a banking group.

The dependency to this or to an equivalent group under any form, is the first conditioning object for whom needs to advise the money saver at its best.

We thought that the only way of answering the client's expectations in concrete terms was the real and complete absence of conflicts of interests. Such situation, being a big privilege, became a reality when we cut every pre-existing link with the rapport of dependency, in a decisive and final way, material as well as psychological. Only then could we begin enlarging our professional borders and immediately discover the pleasure of the freedom of action in the profession of Consultant in Financial Investments.

After that, we found out the pleasure of listening, understanding and memorizing every word of the client. We discovered the value of the importance of the word.

We understood that earlier, subconsciously, we were pressured and distracted by the company's directives and therefore it was possible to concentrate our attention on the correct and necessary choices to make to answer the expectations and demands of the client.

We realized that keeping the customer always present when we analyse and do researches for him, allows us to think that our advice and suggestions are given with much more conscience, knowledge and awareness. This is the ultimate expression of the intellectual faculty of the Consultant.

It is only together that the Client and his Consultant can act in the interest of the third party, the asset.