the Value of the Independent Consultancy

It is Awareness The free-independent-consultant ‘s value is expressed
in the attention to the market changes. The evolution of
the professionalism consists of searching new
functionalities. these have to be able to avoid and give
contrast to the pervasive conflict of interests, existing in the system
It is Change It is much easier to make objective and judicious choices,
when you are in a total absence of any kind of conflict, both with you and clients.
The main reason that will let us act conscientiously is concentrated
on the respect that we must have for those who believe in us.
It is Security Giving maximum in the professional field today means having more than
ever from clients. This For this reason the consultant will have an important regained gratifying respect and trust,
constituting the key for deep and long-lasting relationship
between him and his clients.

It is knowing how to keep the highest traditional values alive together with the newest technological solutions, that the progress offers us.
It is open-mindedness to new evaluation methodologies and innovation of the most updated and sophisticated software for the study of financial dynamics as well as for the determination of the most profitable products, resulting from the markets' most recent evolutions.
It is the Value of the Independent Consultancy: the objectivity of the evaluation and the autonomy in choosing.