The Financial Consultant

We believe that the person who will exercise the liberal profession of Financial Consultant tomorrow, will be identified with a well defined specialization, meaning exclusively specialized in the field of Investments in Movable Property.

The market has a need for persons specialized in this domain.

Who will be the protagonists in the domain of Consultancy in Financial Investments in the near future?

Who in Europe has, objectively, the characteristics and experience to give Consultancy in Financial Investments in the objective absence of conflict of interest ?

To our opinion, it's only the persons formed in the banking sector and who afterwards decided to free themselves from the bank dependance, to ban the conflict of interest, so they could be Free in how to exercise the profession, and as a result free to act in the only interest of the clients.

It is the rapport with the bank which, beyond good intentions, limits and conditions the way they act, determines the non-transparency and causes them a unconscious conditionning that derives from the rapport with the company he belongs to. Their attention goes essentialy to products that come from the society that they represent and inevitably they only point out the positive characteristics of their products. This conditioning is the main reason of limitation in professional growth.

To be part of a Network of Consultants in Financial Investments, only depends on you! We can help you to make our acquaintance, to understand and to verify.